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The game-changing dating rules that can transform your love life

The game-changing dating rules that can transform your love life

Doesn’t matter if you’re a dating pro or a first-timer, here are some great tips that will make sure your dates go without a hitch and ensure you get the most out of enjoying the company of the new friends!


Ask a favour

Do you want to get more date? Try asking for a small favour in your first message, as an opinion on which of your pictures is best. Psychological studies have shown that people are much more likely to respond positively to a bigger request (ie going on a date) if they’ve already helped with a smaller one.


Meet after a week – don’t leave it longer

Why waste time chatting online forever? After that initial meeting, you can decide whether you want to go onto a real date. By meeting as many people as possible for pre-date dates you will widen your net and get a better idea of what you’re looking for.


Don’t sit opposite your date

To create more intimacy on dates, sit side-by side rather than opposite one another. While women like talking face-to-face, a lot of men can find it threatening and challenging. Anthropologists suggest this is because our male ancestors used to face enemies head-on, but walked side-by-side with friends during a hunt. Encourage your partner to feel closer to you by choosing activities that put you in the best position.


Always meet halfway for the first date

Try suggesting meeting halfway and if the other party is hesitant, be cautious. It shows disrespect and no effort; remember, if they don’t make an effort on the first date, they probably never will!


Talk on the phone before the first date

Not only will you hear their voice for the first time, (which will spark that initial connection) but you can tell a lot about a person’s charisma from that first phone call. Were they excited? Was it awkward? These pointers will help you figure out if a first date is a good idea.


Questions to solve your second date dilemma

Asking yourself some simple questions is a good way to clarify your thoughts on a prospective date. Begin by asking yourself whether you had a good time on your date and as you move through other questions, you’ll come to a conclusion as to whether to have another date or calling it a day. Questions you should answer include ‘did the time fly by?’, ‘do I think we’re compatible?’ and ‘was I secretly glad the date was over?’


Pause and read each 15th Profile

Do this even if you don’t fancy them. It’s all about pausing and being in the moment instead of jumping on the bandwagon of the throwaway society. Reading these profiles will give perspective and enable you to be more in tune with others, meaning you’re more likely to be at ease on dates.


Give it 60 minutes

Some experts swear on the one-hour first date. We think it makes sense to always have an excuse for where you need to be next and sixty minutes is the perfect amount of time to either leave them wanting more, or escape. Try ‘Fancy meeting for a quick after-work drink on Tuesday night? I won’t be able to stay long as I’ve got a dinner reservation later’.


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