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Single Parent dating Q&A

Do I Have to Introduce My Ex to the New Person in My Life?

Problem: When my wife comes to pick up our daughter, I tell my new girlfriend to stay inside, and last time I picked my daughter up at her mum's, I had my girlfriend wait in the car. Do I need to introduce my girlfriend to my ex-wife? Steve, 33

Solution: If you're feeling awkward about this, don't worry -- this is awkward. There is no need to rush this introduction and interaction. If a relationship becomes very serious, like living together or re-marriage, yes, it totally makes sense that the ex and the new person should meet. Have this meeting away from children, so just the adults can try to get off to as civil a start as possible.

Be mindful of the purpose of the meeting -- it's not to establish a new friendship between ex-wife and new wife (but if that happens, great!). It is to establish a cordial-enough relationship, so children don't sense undue tension when everyone is together.

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Posted by ClickSingleParents on 9 December 2014 | Comments

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