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Single Parent dating Q&A

Single Parent dating Q&A

How do I Get Back Into the Game?

Problem: The last guy I dated was my son's father. My son is now four and I am really nervous to go on a date and almost feel like I've never even been kissed. I'd rather stay home, read books to my daughter, tuck her and then me in, because it's familiar. How do I get out of this funk? Jenni, 30,

Solution: If you're feeling butterflies in your stomach (or like you could use a shot of liquid courage) don't worry - it's normal. We're always nervous when we step into new or unfamiliar territory. Embrace that nervous energy, those sweaty palms and the knots in your stomach, because they're all signs you're taking a positive step forward to try something new in your life. You have to step out on a limb sometimes - that's where all the fruit is.

To put things in greater perspective, think about all of the things you've managed as a single parent: middle-of-the-night illness, potty training, getting the bills paid. A date with a cutie and a cocktail is nothing outrageous - it’s fun. And you deserve it!

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Posted by ClickSingleParents on 9 December 2014 | Comments

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